Self Hypnosis to Become an Better Sales Rep

Self Hypnosis to Become an Better Sales Rep

Personal motivation and super confidence are key characteristics of a good sales person. Closing a deal requires you to give the prospect a reason as to why he/she should trust your product or service. This is a challenge that many people struggle with.

What many don’t know is that they can boost their personal motivation and confidence through self-hypnosis. It enables you to train your conscious to constantly send confidence boosting thoughts to your subconscious mind. This in turn makes you able to attract situations and people that will confirm to you your confidence and success. Self-hypnosis involves the following techniques.


There is a very common saying that we go as far as our minds can perceive. This simply means that for you to see yourself succeed, you have to imagine that you have already made it. You should therefore take a minimum of 5 to 10 minutes every day to visualize. Do this twice per day probably in the morning and in the evening. Sit in a comfortable and quiet place and visualize meeting clients and closing sales successfully. Do this when you are not feeling sleepy. The aim is for you to withdraw from the real world and visualize yourself succeeding. This helps in plant an image of success in your mind that fuels you to be more optimistic in your work.

Affirm yourself

Don’t wait for people to give you affirmations. You are the best coach to yourself. You can affirm yourself either loudly or silently. For instance, you can affirm yourself that you are confident, gifted and successful. You can do this anywhere and anytime thus you don’t have to find a silent and isolated place. It doesn’t matter whether you strongly believe in what you say or not. What is important is that you are affirming. Through repetition, the conscious thoughts of success will eventually filter through to your subconscious. The impact that you are going to get from this will be incredible. Every move you make as you make your sales will be a feeling of already accomplished success.

Feel the pride and satisfaction of meeting your targets

Think about how it would feel if you achieved the goals that you have set for yourself. Think of how much admiration you will be able to get from your friends and relative. Try to think of the things that they will say to you. Once you have done this, think of how happy and proud you will feel. Give yourself to experience these emotions fully. A human being is a social being so the world around it plays a big role when it comes to success.