Hypnosis for Business

Focus and Agreement- Hypnosis for Business

You may be a professional reading this title. Once you saw the word “hypnosis,” you decided not to go on reading this article.

But no, no, don’t dismiss it as being “unscientific” as some educated people tend to describe things they do not understand. Just read to the end and you will learn a few things that can help you in your business life.

What is This Technique All About?

Milton Erickson is credited with developing this technique. It makes you communicate in ways which will bring out the best in you and in your employees.  Here is a closer look at how it works.

This technique involves two things:

You must respect your work colleagues and try to be friendly with them. You must be able to build focus within that agreement.

The Philosophy Behind It

This technique requires that you be allowed to be the way you are. It suggests that all influence comes from respect and friendliness producing agreement. The person who wants to influence somebody else must first understand and try to copy the way the person he wants to influence thinks, and what that person has been through in life. This means you have to be disciplined, and you have to communicate your experience in a well-ordered manner.

What It Involves

The first thing you need to learn in focus and agreement-hypnosis for business is to note physical differences between people, and how to interpret those differences. In essence, you must learn how to read people.


You need to develop the desire to know the details of what happened to another person and how that has affected that person’s thoughts and the way that person feels, or how it has influenced him.


You can build on your friendliness when you take advantage of agreement when you are speaking or writing. Instead of giving orders for others to obey, you can move through documents by starting with areas where you know you agree with others and slowly come to the point where there will be focused agreement.


It also involves moving from ideas that are not too accurate and gradually concentrating on ideas that are accurate. Focused agreement means you first choose words, ideas, analogies, illustrations that are general so that those listening will agree with you.

When you are all on common ground, you can then learn to focus that agreement using deeper insight and more accurate language.

One thing you can do is constantly pay attention to the person who is listening to you and use words and strategies that will make the person listening understand and appreciate what you are saying.